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Here's A Sample of What I Discovered:

online marketing offlineFirst, let met back-track a bit...

Way back in 2007 I put together a simple website and later added it to ClickBank called "How To Sell Your Home In 21 Days or Less!" ( - I chose to use my nickname "Pete" for the book & site).

It's a digital program designed primarily to help home-owners unload their hard-to-sell homes fast, yet it appealed to many Realtors and real estate investors as well.

And for the past two years it did quite well (thanks to some affiliates) but during mid 2009, I decided to test the OFFLINE waters, so to speak.

So I went to a few online "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) websites and surveyed several homes for sale that I wanted to contact (their owners).

I then uploaded the pictures of the nice-looking homes onto 4 1/2" X 6" postcards using a simple online picture/postcard site. (There's several postcard sites available and I mention them in the eCourse.)

I wrote a few lines on the back of the card about receiving my 'Free Report' and included my website link and phone number.


Now picture this scenario: The recipient goes to their mailbox, pulls out their mail, which is usually a bunch of bills, sales flyers, and generic junk...

... and nestled amongst it all, is a beautiful picture-postcard of their home... with their name on the front saying something like, "Joseph, now you can find a buyer for your home in just 21 days or less..." (actual 4 1/2" X 6" postcards used below, some with the corkboard background. )


offline marketing for homes for sale offline postcard marketing getting offline clients using postcards

offline marketing strategies using postcard marketing local offline businesses marketing


The more I sent, the better I got at it. I was actually enjoying it. And because of that, I stuck with it and was constantly testing things out.

I added my website URL at the bottom, picture-side, on some cards, and at other times I used an "interior" photo of their home, and experimented with different backgrounds, colors, ad copy, toll-free recorded messages, etc.

In one test campaign, I put a website URL on the back of the postcard that provided the homeowner with a free, stand-alone, home-selling website -- with no strings attached.

All they needed to do was go online to the site (below), fork over their name, email, and other info.

online marketing using offline tactics online strategies for offline marketers


Once they got their free website, they of course, also got my auto-responder messages. And many ordered from there. (The sites were all auto-generated.)

The postcards took me less than 2 minutes to make online and then I just hit the "send" button. I never had to physically mail anything myself.

The online postcard site I use does the rest; printing, address-verification, stamping, send-off, and even tracking; you actually get notification when the recipient receives it. (Again, there's several for you to choose from.)

NOTE: Some -- not all -- of the online tools I use are free and available online. Investment costs can range between $25 - $100

Now let me ask you, which piece of mail do you think will grab the homeowner's attention the most, after flipppostcard marketing to local offline businessesing through the rest of their mail?

Not only that, they're probably going to show it to their spouse, maybe the neighbor, and most likely, they'll stick it on the fridge as a reminder. Bingo!

I figured it would make sense to put my phone # on the front as well, so everytime they looked at it on the fridge, all they had to do was call, and many did!

Sometimes I'd follow-up and call people who didn't respond from the mailing. (I got their number from the FSBO website.)

I'd say, "Hi, my name is 'Pete,' I sent you a postcard with a pic of your home on it about getting a free report (or free website)... did ya get a chance to go online and check it out yet?"

A few of them had no interest in talking to me, but by and large, the majority of them were desperate to talk and explain their situation to someone who would listen (ME), which of course I would do.

Some of the things they'd ask were:

"That's my house... how'd you make that card?"

"What's this all about?"

"My house has been on the market for 2 years... what can YOU do?

"Can I order right now over the phone?"

"So how do I get your program?"

"Are you a Realtor?"

"Why don't you just come here and buy my house yourself?"

"If you sell it for me I'll give you a commision."


Bottom Line: I got their attention. That's step one.


Dan Kennedy (the ultimate marketing guru) said: "...most people fail at marketing not because the offer isn't good or wouldn't be welcomed by all the recipients; simply because many of the recipients never know about it because we fail to command their attention."


5 postacards a day marketing Postcards A Day?

Once I started to see the recipients ordering the program (after matching the name on the ClickBank order (below) to the homeowner's name on the postcard sent), I made it a point to send out at least 5 postcards a day, sometimes more.

tracking results for offline marketing


Why just 5 postcards? . . .

Several reasons... I'll explain as we go.

First off, I wasn't even sure what the heck I was doing when I started, and being a new project for me, it took a little time to master each step, but I got faster at it as I went along.

I know a lot of people say "take massive action" but sometimes all that leads to is just 'spinning your wheels.' I prefer to take a gradual approach to things. It'll keep you from being OVERWHELMED.

Now if you do the math... 5 postcards X 6 days = 30 cards being sent out a week or 120/month.

For tracking purposes, I only sent postcards to one or two areas, example: Austin, TX & Phoenix, AZ which I tracked by using my website analyzer below (I use the free version at


offline marketing statistics


I tested the price of my real estate program with $27- $37- $47 depending on certain factors and bonuses I had at the time. It also comes with a back-end "ONE-TIME ONLY" order of $24.95. (Some people purchase both.)

Each postcard was less than $1 a piece, including printing, postage, & tracking. Total = $96.00/mth or just $24.00 a week. To break even, all I needed was a few sales.

And because I'd taken the time to personalize the postcard, carefully target my prospects -- and wasn't afraid to pick up the phone if I had to -- my response rate was far better than the typical 1%-2%.

Every single one of these prospects I mailed to were online users and they had previously purchased a real estate-related service through the internet. (The service that actually places their property on the FSBO site).

finding offline clients

Since their homes were displayed on a FSBO website, many of the prospects checked their listing frequently for editing, updating, or email responses. But you were forbidden to solicit them by email (spam) on the site for anything.

(Similar to dating sites, it even showed [below] when the owner last updated their listing online.)

targeting offline local businesses prospects


I only targeted people whose listings were current, updated within 45 days or less. Hence, most had no problem jumping over to check out my site, once they received their postcard.

As you can see, this was NO "shotgun" approach to sending out postcards. It was as 'micro-targeted' as you could get.

I ended up netting anywhere from $400 - $700 with each 120 piece mailing. Small potatoes, but it was promising.

In addition, I had my regular sales that came from my online visitors as well as sales through a couple decent affiliates.

Now, it was work and I wasn't exactly making millions but I was just glad to find an OFFLINE way that proved successful. Plus, the education I received was priceless!


"I realized I was just scratching the surface with this offline postcard strategy, and I was eager to try it in other ways -- with other niches -- to see if I could catch bigger fish."


More about that later...


No Buying Lists, No Bulk Mailings, No Google, No PPC!

offline marketing ads

The thing I liked about it was I could finally escape the craziness of online marketing for awhile.

I didn't have to think about article marketing, PPC, CPA & Google's whims.

But it took some time to learn new skills...

Most people who get involved in using postcards for marketing purposes usually order hundreds or thousands of stock-photo postcards of some sort...

... then they spend more money purchasing a list of anywhere from 500 to 5000 names that can only be used ONCE, no reuse. (The list owner "seeds" it with dummy names that goes to their mailbox -- sort of like a 'spam-trap.')

That only gives you a one-shot attempt to grab your recipients attention. Sure, you can go that route if you want, but...

offline marketing postcards

First off, there's no guarantee the list is any good -- you'll know when you get back a stack of "return to senders" -- and more often than not, the response is 1% or less.

Secondly, if all-of-a-sudden you wanted to change your marketing message or improve on any of your copy, you were screwed!

I know because I'd done it before. I was the idiot who'd order 2000 cards, send 500 out, get little or no response, and quit, leaving me with a stack of unused cards.

Those days are over for me!


"Remember this: Authenticity is a great selling factor. People respond to uniqueness, originality, and rarity, because it has a higher perceived value."


By using the '5-A-Day' approach, your postcards are one-of-a-kind, personalized, and laser-targeted to your prospect.

Unbeknownst to many, you can attract the same number of prospects by sending out just 50 personalized postcards as someone who sends out 1000 generic or standard postcards.

Listen Up: Market researchers have long proven that using personalization techniques can boost response rates as much as 30% - 40%!!


There's little waste with this strategy because you only send out a handful at a time, spending small sums of money, until you receive the kind of response you want.

You avoid the "spray and pray" approach that typically occurs when sending out postcards in bulk.

And there's a whole lot less of A-N-X-I-E-T-Y to deal with.

If you've ever sent out a large mailing all at once, then you know what I'm talking about. It can be gut-wrenching to wait for a response.

Overtime, you get to gradually improve on your postcard marketing message and/or other areas, making a word change here and there, or using a different photo.

Another reason for sending out only 5 at a time is, you may want to follow-up with a phone call to those who don't respond to your card.

It's easier to keep track of the prospects in chunks of '5' until you develop your own particular tracking system.


Attracting Local Business Prospects To Y-O-U

attracting local businesses face to faceOne of first things would-be offline marketers do is just plunge right in to the nearest local offline business and start talking.

And if you're sporting a 'black-eye' from an earlier attempt at doing so, I can understand your frustration.

You may have tried cold-calling, using Craigslist, lead-capture websites, using videos, emailing your offline prospects, sending out letters, or however you went about targeting your prospects.

In fact, you may have even tried sending out postcards before, but I doubt you've used what I'm about to show you.


offline marketing secrets.... There's a specific marketing tactic I use with the postcards that'll bring you maximum results. I learned of it from one of the 'old-school' direct-mailing masters, which has almost become a forgotten art.

When used correctly, it's a proven money-maker, time and time again.


You'll also be able to mass-produce any of the postcards when you see you've got a winner, while still keeping it "personalized."

And this kind of postcard marketing can easily be added or combined with whatever you're now doing, if you're already involved in offline marketing.

And, there are SO many niches -- both ONLINE & OFFLINE, with tangible and intangible products and services for using this concept -- that no two people will use it in exactly the same way.

The variations are endless!

It's NOT only about "providing online tools to offline businesses"... there's much more to it. You don't even have to be involved in "offline marketing consulting."

So don't limit yourself and your thinking to just that one model. Remain open-minded to ALL the possibilities available.


how to get your first offline client

"A recent survey taken with would-be offline marketers determined their greatest concern was how to get clients. Most stated if they had an easier way to bring in prospects, they could take care of everything else."


So How Can YOU Use It?

For starters, let me share with you a couple examples of how to easily implement this program yourself.

Now, let's say you were really good at VIDEO RECORDING and editing... with background music, special effects, and all that?

video offline marketingAnd for this example, you zeroed in on health clubs as your target market... You check out several local websites and see many have pictures on them but no videos...

You could offer to shoot a video of, say, their aerobics class or other activity, to be placed on their website afterward.

In fact, you could do the same for any website pertaining to a karate studio, dance studio, yoga studio, kick-boxing, fencing, boxing gyms, etc. (Just check-out those kinds of sites and if they don't have video on them, zero in on them.)

You could charge $479 for the video, with titles, background music, YouTube upload, & place it on their website. $379 for video with music, & YouTube upload. $279 for straight video and place it on their site.

(You could also then discuss "how video can give you a better ranking, how to get more customers/clients through SEO, email capture, etc." and charge a lot more, too.)

See, most business owners know about THEIR BUSINESS -- not about websites or online marketing methods. That's where your skill and expertise comes in.


But hold on. Before we get ahead of ourselves...

First, you have to capture the owners attention, or whoever's in charge of what it is you desire. (It's best to deal one-on-one with the owner, more about that in the course.)

So what's the best way to approach the owner... and persuade them to give you a shot? (Let's say the owner's name is "Jen.")

Send them an email? Phone call? Go see them in person?

Sure, you could do all of those...

But it's less intrusive to send them a postcard to break the ice.

Heck, since their business is OFFline, probably the best way to initially connect with them is to meet them in an OFFline manner; through the mail.

(If you prefer to email, I'll show you the 'secret sauce' I add to emails and WHEN to use it. It's included in the Offline Marketing Magnet eCourse. )


Here's what I found to work... By putting their name and their picture (or a pic of their website, if they have one) on the front of the postcard -- personalizing it to them -- and then sending it off, it usually works much better. (You'll see how easy it is to do all of that in the eCourse.)

postcard marketing to local biz

sample 4 1/2" X 6" postcard - not a real website

It tends to grab hold of their attention simply because it's not something they normally receive in the mailbox. It's different. It's unique. It stands out.

It's sort of like seeing your own name in a news article or having your picture splashed on TV. You'll stop and take notice.

Now, on the back of the postcard, you can put your sales message offering either a FREE Report, your website URL (if you have one, which could have video samples), or other URL, and a phone number (and even your own pic!) I provide examples of what to write on the back of the card in the eCourse.

But does that guarantee they'll contact you or you'll make the sale? No, sorry... no guarantees. But many will contact you.

(And while we're at it, for the sake of the FTC, I, Jim Iannelli am not guaranteeing A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G in this program to work for the reader. There, I stated it.)

However, after your mailing, you can follow-up with a phone call like:

"Hi, is this Jen Smith? Jen, my name is Jan Doe... I sent you the postcard about 5-minute videos... I was just calling to see if you got a chance to check it out online.

Oh, you're online now? Great. Just go to and you can get an idea of how it works. Plus, I can show you a simple form to add to your site that'll increase your customer base while it decreases all your other advertising costs.

If you want, I can call you tomorrow. Morning or afternoon better? Morning? Thank you."...


Like the saying goes, "The fortune is in the follow up" (just like in an auto-responder.) The postcard provides you with a foot in, so to speak.

(If you can't get them on the phone, you could pay them a visit and personally hand them another postcard.)

That's just a basic example when approaching an offline business... but it should get you thinking.

Remember, there's all kinds of ways to 'skin the cat' using the 5-A-Day Postcard concept.


Sending out 5 postcards each day is like walking into 5 local businesses each day and introducing yourself and your service. That's 30 local business owners you're contacting per week!


But What If I Don't Have a Website?

making websites for offline businessesNo website? Believe it or not, you don't necessarily need your own website....

I know of some offline consultants who just rely on referrals, networking with business groups, a phone, and their own face-to-face selling skills. Their comfortable doing it that way.

Personally, I'm the opposite... I'd rather communicate through the mail, online, maybe the phone, at least initially.

In fact, I'll describe two strategies to use WITHOUT going in front of your prospect. (Plus, in the eCourse, I'll show you an easy starter program to get your feet wet without needing your own website.)

If you're the 'go-getter' type and you prefer to go eyeball-to-eyeball with people, all the better. Power to you. Adapt this program to fit YOUR style. If you don't mind cold-calling, or that's all you have to start with, then try that.

Listen, every one of us has certain strengths and weaknesses. I have no way of knowing what you're good at, or horrible at.

Myself, I try to improve whatever God-given capabilities I already posess (using the printed word), and bridge whatever function or task I just SUCK AT -- or won't take the time to work on.


More OFFline Examples...

Now, if you're REAL sharp, got the gift of gab, a real player, perhaps you won't even need postcards (or your own website) to get your message across to clients... just show them a piece of your work like, say, the website below.

marketing videos for local offline businesses

Click here to play

Maybe you frequent a neighborhood restaurant or nightclub nearby and you're casually speaking to the owner, telling him about your video marketing biz... you whip out your iPhone and say, "Here, watch this... I can do the same thing for your restaurant and website."

But that'll take a little 'bravado' to pull that one off !!!

Until then, I'd suggest using the postcards, by which you could easily send your recipients to a website that has video displays of your work.

(Heck, if you have to, do your first couple of ones for FREE, or in exchange for some testimonials, or maybe barter for their services.)

(By the way, wasn't that an AWESOME website & video... made you wanna grab your keys, your mate, and head out the door to get some grub and a few drinks. Yeah, but will that kind of site rank well?)


My Real Estate Friend's Offline Marketing Example...

Since I've been doing my real estate gig online for awhile, over time I've met several real estate investors -- both online and off. Real wheeler-dealers.

After showing one of my real estate pals in Orlando what you could do with offline marketing and personalizing the postcards, the wheels in his brain started churning...

free marketing report for offline businessesI'm not gonna give away the whole enchilada on this one, but my friend now has a thriving operation.

It includes a toll-free, 24-hour free-recording, offering a physical Free Report and Analysis "kit" for, um, "walking away from one's home, legally" so to speak, if it's 'underwater.'

Bottom line is, he finds his group of targeted prospects on FSBO sites like I did, mails out his picture postcards like I showed him, they call him, talk, and eventually meet at the prospects home for an "analysis."

From there -- as an 'advisor' -- he provides (for a price) a variety of options best suited to his prospects needs.

He and I are now working on a lead-generation website and he may soon deliver the free 'kit' digitally. Plus, a seperate program to show others how to do it, namely Realtors fed up with the daily grind. Cha-ching!

Now, you might try looking for ideas on your own at or or several other sites and see if there's a product available you could market to a specific group of people. Or, maybe a drop-ship product.

Better yet, you could develop your own product from an idea you get from researching the sites mentioned above, and integrate it with using these postcard marketing strategies.

I like doing offline marketing in the real estate field, but the step-by-step components I lay out for you in the eCourse can work in just about any field.


What Area Are YOU Knowledgeable In? ideas for offline marketing

What Are YOU Good At?


When I first started researching 'offline marketing,' what struck me most was when certain offline consultants mentioned how nearly all of their OFFLINE clients had very little knowledge of ONLINE tools...

... or how these online tools could help make their offline business more productive.

I'm talking about your basic website stuff that most of us online folks know and take for granted...

... email capture, lead-generation, squeeze page, free email newsletter, SEO, video, local business map, using auto-responders, direct-response website design basics, making a blog, social marketing, etc.


(I had such a serious case of 'ONLINE Tunnelvision' that it never even occured to me!)

Most offline business simply don't have the time to look into it anyway. That'll be part of your package -- saving them valuable time.

You can offer them a WordPress blog and site, Twitter accounts and ohhhhh,  anything that pertains to Facebook.

twitter offline marketing wordpress blog marketing facebook social marketing

Some of the offline consultants offering these services stated they themselves were clueless how to actually make a website or blog or even figure out how to operate some of the other services they offered...

Yet, it didn't prevent them from selling those services to others. (They simply outsourced a lot of their work.)

Incredible, isn't it? (I once outsourced an online project to India. Real nightmare. I stay local now.)


How to Land Your First Offline Client

newspaper advertisements yellowpages for offline marketing

If possible, take a peek at any newspaper (especially those alternative ones), or local ad magazine in your area...

... and look closely for an advertisement for a small, privately-owned, brick & mortar business, say a hair-salon, frame-shop, Mom & Pop restaurant, flower shop, car-related biz like window-tinting, etc...or attorney, dentist, veterinarian...

... and then check out their website (if they have one)...


(NOTE: You can also thumb through the yellow pages and/or go online to or, pick your city and click thru any off the businesses listed that have websites.)

As you look at their websites, take notice to see if they have email-capture, or if they offer a free newsletter to keep their clients informed and updated? Do they have video, audio, or need an auto-responder?

If not, you could offer these services.

But some offline business owners may not even know what the heck you're talking about if you mention, say, "SEO," "auto-responder," "keyword density," "social media," or "Local Business Map," for instance.

Their eyes may start to glaze over...

Remember, it'll be like a foregin language to them. You may have to 'dumb it down.' Try to use the K.I.S.S. principle.

Suppose there's an pizza restaurant or sushi place that wants more customers. But the owners don't know 'jack' about online marketing. You'll probably have to provide them with a quick video example like below:



Again, check out their website. How's it look? Pretty sorry?

Do they even have a website?

If not, offer them a website service if that's your "thing."

Even if they do know what an auto-responder is, let's say -- and want it -- they have no idea how the heck to place it within their website. Heck, you could charge $250-$500 for "installation." (People are doing this!)

If you filled in your name & email in the capture form, I'll provide you with a simple but proven line of ad copy that you can use on your postcards -- or use it in an email -- either way, it works.


"Remember, you don't necessarily have to be a wiz at 'sales'."


Like I mentioned earlier, I pretty much "go dumb" in front of people sometimes myself, in a sales situation... and that's why I tend to use different tactics (more like systems) than most people do who are 'good at sales,' when it comes to getting offline clients.


"In fact, in the eCourse I'll show you several non face-to-face strategies that are available.

And you won't even have to leave your home or computer!"


See, if you can match the kind of service you like doing, that goes hand-in-hand with a certain kind of business or niche that you feel comfortable with, you've got a good chance at making decent money.

Just start small and work your way up. Grab the low-hanging fruit first. Get one under your belt -- even if you have to do it for peanuts.

Plus, I'll show you a way to "outsource" but NOT in the way most people think of it.

Now, on the other hand, you may be great at SALES but would rather avoid MARKETING like the offline consultants in these forum posts below:

offline gold forum

* * *

offline marketing forums

* * *

Either way, you can easily use this postcard strategy. Anyone can send out 5 postcards a day.


Outrageous Postcard Marketing That Works!

There's a very successful offline marketing consultant who sends out one of the most attention-getting, eye-ball-poppin postcards I've ever seen....

He actually tears a yellow-page ad from the book, scans it, makes the postcard, then literally destroys the ad copy, piece-by-piece -- ripping it apart and explaining to you WHY it sucks, and on the flip-side, explains how to turn it into a lead-generation ad -- and then sends it to the very business owner of the ad!!

yellow pages ad postcard

Talk about a 'drop-what-you're-doing-and pay-attention-now' mail piece!!!

It might be a little insulting but it works!!! (Is there such a thing as 'Insult -Marketing?) Seriously, he's a real PRO at doing it. This is BONUS material stuff...

I'll tell you more about this guy in the Offline Marketing Magnet eCourse. He's not your ordinary 'salesman.' He's a marketer. B-I-G difference.

I took his idea and expanded on it in my own way. Let me share some examples with you...


Most Business Owners Ain't Got Time To Talk To You!

First off, nothin' is gonna work UNLESS and UNTIL you initially grab the owner's attention by the shirt collar. (Or better yet, you get THEM to contact YOU).

Most business owners are busy as bees, neck-deep in paperwork or dealing with customers/clients, employees, inventory, etc. (And some of them are just plain LOONY!)

So let's say you're a wiz at website design (or you know all about using pre-designed website templates.) Since you now understand about personalizing the postcard, try this out:

Take a "screen-shot" of their sorry website, and next to it (side-by-side), put the one you re-designed (or pre-designed) for them and fill-in all their ad copy to it... a BEFORE & AFTER picture-postcard! You can even hand it to them like a Business Card! (or you could also just send a postcard with only a re-designed theme site on it.)

website redesign makeover

Will that pique their interest? Do ya think??????

All you do is insert the websites in the pre-designed postcard, of which there are many on the site I use. (And don't get any ideas about sending me a postcard of MY website being re-designed!!! LOL !!)

Heck, you can easily make a simple 4 1/2" X 6" postcard just from using a screen-shot of their current website, and mark it up like the yellow-page ad guy did to show what it's lacking...

website re-design ideas

... and then tell 'em briefly what you'll do for them and why they need your services on the back of the postcard.

There's a sucessful offline marketing consultant that's cashing in by using the phrase "We Fix Broken Websites." Try that. Or you can mix it up by substituting the word "re-tool" or "tune-up" for 'broken.'

... Also, if you're targeting auto-shops let's say, you could title it, "Does Your Website Need To Be Overhauled?" If it's a hair salon, it might say, "Could Your Website Use a New Style?" Just slant it to the kind of biz you're addressing.

And what if they have NO website? Even better. Send them a predesigned template for their niche on a postcard like below, with their company name and/or a domain name on it.

leasing offline websites for local businesses


I've got plenty of examples in the eCourse. And the website builder program costs $0. (I made this website in 1 minute!)


What you WRITE on the BACK of the postcard is CRITICAL. (It's all laid out in the eCourse.) The FRONT gets their ATTENTION. The BACK gets them to RESPOND!


Here's another simple postcard design that works... Check to see if a prospects website pops up -- or if they're 'Googled Mapped' -- when you type in specific keywords related to their biz...

google maps for local businesses

... and if not, dramatize it to them by sending them a postcard with the keywords typed in (right from the screen) like in the postcard above (this 4 1/2" X 6" postcard is similar to one that I use... you should see what it says on the back of it!)

There's all kinds of ways to hammer home the message so the prospect understands!



Here's one I whipped up recently, targeting "atlanta bankruptcy lawyers" ...

targeting bankruptcy lawyers for google maps

... and another one (below) to "cinicinnati wedding photographers"..

marketing to local wedding photographers

I'd estimate 7 out of 10 business owners who get these kinds of postcards will go to their computer and type in exactly what's on the card to see if their business shows up.

How can I say this?

Because I've gotten calls from people I sent the card to, stating, "OK, I typed in what was on the card and I didn't show up," and then wanting to know how they can get listed.

They saw for themselves that they weren't visible. It's PROOF! I call it Proof on a Postcard!

And remember, every single postcard gets physically mailed to the prospect right from your very own computer screen. And you can copy all of my postcard examples I display in the eCourse.

Now, If your 'thing' is doing all of SEO - PPC - Google Local Business Search ... here's a few quick examples I rattled off...


SEO organic and google adwords marketing for local businesses using AdWords google places and organic results for offline busnesses


Again, you enter their keyword info in the toolbar and if they don't show up, capture the screen-shot and indicate where they could be found on Google. (Local Search Map or AdWords.) You can add additional copy, red arrows, etc., as well.

And has this ever happened to you ....

fixing broken websites

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a local advertisement in a newspaper or local magazine, and I go online to see their website, and their website url (domain name) AIN'T EVEN WORKING!!!!!

That's a perfect time to call them and say:

"Hey DUMMY, do you realize you just wasted your hard earned cash for your ad because your website isn't even functioning???"


"Okay... actually, more like this...

"Hi Mr. Jones, my name is Bob Smth and I specialize in fixing broken websites, and I happened to see your ad in Our Town Magazine and jumped online, and umm, did you know your website isn't up and running?

Well, I do a free 5-point analysis website check-up and if needed, re-tool websites in as little in 24-48 hrs, and in most cases, I can have it up and running so people can still see your ad and then go online to see your website.

Plus, I can show you how to get more customers just from your website. You don't want to lose customers just because they see your ad, go to your website, and then find it's not working, right?

There's no service charge to look at it."

You think I'm kidding? Try it. Basically, it acts as the perfect doorway for you to present yourself (by phone or in person) and explain any and all the other services you offer. (But be careful not to overwhelm or confuse them.)


So What About YOU?

So what are YOU good at? Yes, YOU... looking at this website. Are you good at:

making videos for offline businesses making videos (or adding audio)

creating wordpress blogs creating a WordPress Blog

writing ads


Facebook Fan Pages

craigslist posting for offline marketers Classified Ad posting

Social marketing

designing or re-desiging websites


generating traffic to websites, SEO, etc.

writing press releases


making ebook covers & other graphics


Now that's just a list of ONLINE stuff.... What about going way OFFLINE?...

What do I mean by that?

Maybe you have a widget of some sort that would save time for plumbers or carpenters or cabinet installers or WHATEVER.

Here's another angle for using it, taken from a comment made from a member at an offline marketing forum:

offline gold forum

Is there a service you can perform that will improve something, save time, increase revenue for a business owner? WHAT IS IT????


Andrew Cavanaugh of 'OFFline GOLD' fame -- the father of the offline marketing & consulting movement -- had this to say:

"Think of ways to use your skills to create customized solutions for the business owners you talk to... suggest the solutions to those business owners until you hit on one they get excited about and run with that."


Do you have connections with a certain industry like plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, contractors, locksmiths, and landscapers for example... and can you contact the owners by using postcards?

Have you been trying to connect with someone without success to ask them something?

Send them a postcard with their mug on it and on the back, in big bold letters, write: "Hey Big Shot, Answer My Question!!!!" (LOL)


Jose, The Pool Guy

Let me share one last story with you here...

I have a friend named Jose, who has a pool cleaning service. (He calls himself a "pool technician.")

In South Florida, where I live part of the time, there's a swimming pool at just about every apartment complex, condo, and development.

One day I showed him the results of "pool supplies" online from Google Local Business Results ('Google Places') -- which he wasn't even aware of...

... but for some reason he didn't appear all that interested -- in pool supplies.

Instead, he had other ideas...

And to make a long story short, after some time studying how to do the Google listings himself, he now has a growing side business -- with Hispanic businesses -- in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Now I get to eat and drink free -- on him -- whenever we go out to eat.


Hi Jim,

I got your program and I must say... your personalized postcard model is very brilliant!
I'm a stay-at-home mom and a relatively new offline consultant. For the last few months, I've been studying many offline courses. Just like you, I don't like face-to-face selling and am more of a behind-the-computer person.
I offer local business listings, twitter & facebook, and email marketing. Google Maps listing is my main service.

I'm not good with website design and don't want to deal with hosting either. I might have clients who will need websites and hosting. Do you create websites or know someone you trust to do websites?

What types of services do you offer to local businesses? When needed, I like to refer them to you.

Best regards,

Kim Trans

P.S. I'm from Groves, TX (about 90 miles from Houston)



Niche It & Enrich It

Most newbies starting out with 'Offline Marketing' start with any business nearest to them.

That's okay in the beginning but it's actually easier if you focus your time and energy marketing to a specific NICHE BUSINESS.

Perhaps there's a niche you're really keen about...

Maybe you were a roofer at one time and you know it inside and out, got the lingo down and all that... PERFECT. Time to go to work and get at it!

Heck, even if you're still drawing a blank, in the eCourse I'll provide more examples of the kinds of things you can do.

And when you pick a niche that you like you can then start sending out your "5-A-Day" postcards... or more of course. And in time, you'll become an offline marketing pro.

Notice I said "when you pick a niche that you like" ... You gotta be comfortable with it or you won't last long doing it.

Do you know Marlon Sanders? (Not Colonel Sanders. I put that pic there to make sure you were still paying attention!)

Every online-marketer should know Marlon Sanders... even though the guy has the whiniest, high-pitched voice ever....

Anyway, here's a quote from Marlon Sanders:

"Here's your key: Promote a product the way that makes sense for you. Are you a writer? Then write articles, blogs and whatever else you feel like writing. Are you a talker? Then do videos, podcasts and webinars. Are you a systems person? Then do SEO.

Are you a spreadsheet person? Then do PPC. Really, it comes down to who you are and what you're good at. Here's the KEY. Do something. Stop analyzing. Everything is intimidating when you're looking at it from a distance.

Most things don't work the first time. It takes repetition, learning and practice. So what? The experimentation and learning are the joy of it, really. If it was all easy, it wouldn't be fun.

Find reasons you can do it and reasons it WILL work instead of reasons you can't and it won't. You can do more than you think you can, ONCE you start doing.

Do something. And do something you ENJOY doing. Don't write if you hate writing. Don't do audio if you hate doing audio. If you love SEO, do it. If you're entranced by it, do it. If you just got AdSense on the brain and can't get it off your brain, do that."

Make sense? It's your call...

Listen, you can start off with grabbing all the low-hanging fruit that's available and then kind of work your way up to bigger checks.

But like ol' man Marlon said, you gotta start doing. At least START. Move forward.

Plus, there's always the chance you can team up with someone in your area who has similar interests. That's what I did and that's what you can do as well.


Hi Jim,
I am really enjoying your course. No BS, just what works for you and something that anybody can do. The personalization aspect really makes sense and i can see how this method would get more attention than a generic postcard.
Also Jim, I own a domain I registered a couple of years ago for when I got going with this called .
I picked it up as I believe it would be a good domain to create a report and send postcards to local biz sending them to the site to pick up the whitepaper and drop them into my funnel.
I recieved a call from somebody last week and they want to buy the domain for $1000, I am confused if I should sell it or do you see more value in owning it and expanding it.
I know this is above what I paid for but any help would be really appreciated, thanks Jim.
Talk soon
Grant Walsh



"Do You Still Think It'll Be Hard To Get Started In Offline Marketing... Become an Offline Marketing Consultant... & Land Your First Offline Customer or Client in 2 Weeks or Less -- Even If You Suck at Sales???"


This program is perfect for you whether you're a beginner or already got a few clients under your belt.

I've given you quite a bit of info -- probably more than I should have -- and much more than you usually find at websites from so-called 'offline marketing experts.'

It's a good start...

BUT... I've left out the "SILVER BULLET" (actually several 'bullets') deliberately, that will tie everything together, in order for it to work. Without them, you're almost certain to land into several pitfalls. I know. I fell into them myself and it cost me needless time and money.


Now, in the -Postcards-A-Day Offline Marketing Magnet eCourse, here's what you'll discover:

The one most-overlooked mailing secret to getting your prospects to respond to your postcards

Why all offline consultants should copy a marketing strategy used by boxer Muhammed Ali. (How he really was "The Greatest" marketer.)

One key 'two-word phrase' to mention that will grab your offline prospect's attention every time you say it. It's really the only thing they can understand and associate with.

A simple indicator that identifies the best kind of prospect for your program. If they aren't doing this, your wasting your time with them.

How to be an offline consultant without your own website

A online program for new offline consultants to get their feet wet without investing a fortune.

How to easily make the pesonalized postcards online (even personalized sales letters) and mail them off without ever leaving your home.

The one thing offline business owners FAIL to do with their present customers -- and how it can land them endless referrals when put to use. Show 'em the way or do it for them and earn more revenue.

Listen, there's something in here for EVERYONE -- newbie, intemediate, & veteran offline marketing consultant. With Offline Marketing, you're never done learning.

One more thing...I hate wasting time. I always try to find out what's already working in the real world, borrow it, and then modify, refine, and tweak it for my own situation. Then, when I see it actually work for me, I'll share it with my members.

"The OFFline Postcard Guy"


P.S. Just think! You'll never have to worry about where your next customer or client will be coming from. All it takes is sending out just 5 postcards a day. The accumulative effect of doing this will surprise you. At a certain point, you'll have to pause your postcard campaign in order to fulfill all the needs of your new clients.

P.P.S. And because it's a LIVE site, you'll automatically get NEW resources and any updates, freebies, add-ons, etc. whenever you log in.


Good Morning Jim,

First off, I would like to say thanks for a phenomenal product.
I have been using David Preston's method with a twist through Direct Mail, courtesy of another program I'm apart of.

I feel these postcard techniques puts that method on "HORSE STEROIDS"! Truly great course, worth more than the price!!

Ed Harvey
Sacramento, California



In the OFFLINE MARKETING MAGNET eCourse, I'll provide you with plenty of examples. (Not another bland pdf... It's a passcode-protected site crammed with over 70 pages of content.)

... and consists of 7 mini-modules, with lots of step-by-step graphics, pics, images, photos, videos, diagrams, etc.




WARNING: Due to this programs extreme use of GRAPHICS and easy-to-learn system, only those seriously ready to:

* Get more offline clients...

* Make your offline marketing efforts easier and more effective...

... and, are willing to apply this system, should proceed further to purchase.



"It's kind of strange. One day I literally stumble upon an offline forum, and a few days later I'm buying your product.

There are a ton of positives I can talk about in terms of your website and the Offline Marketing Magnet itself, but it might be a bit too much to write so I'll just leave it at...there's some really, really good stuff here that's right up my alley!

Thanks for putting together a tremendous product!

As a matter of fact, you've given me so many ideas that I've become a little bit conflicted. I'm a little torn between...

1. I like the idea of selling online services to offline businesses, especially since you show how to outsource services that you may not be particularly good at providing. Honestly, I'm kicking around coming up with a (practically) 100% automated system of contacting and providing services to offline businesses. But on the other hand...

2. With the housing market the way it is, I really like the idea of using the post cards and your home-selling affiliate program.

I guess I'm stuck in the mode of 'give me a laptop with internet and 100 bucks and put me in Any City, USA, and I can...'

Trust me, this isn't some long drawn-out, paralysis of analysis kind of thing. Just at the stage of planning my work before I work my plan. Oh, and please feel free to offer up any honest advice."

Donald Henting, IL



Special Limited BONUS Offer!!


how to do google places listings 

Order prior to the deadline date listed below and you'll receive this 80-page special pdf handbook that tells you the FASTEST way to get Local Businesses on Page #1 on Google!! 


free offline marketing ebook


This handbook treasure, (a $47.00 value) which is chock full of content, shows you the in's and out's (and strange quirks) of Google Places Listings (as well as what to AVOID when doing them.)

Getting your offline clients on Page 1 of Google in a hurry shows your expertise to your client, and from there, they're ready and willing to open up their wallet for more of your other services. (Cha-ching!)
I know, because that's exactly how I usually start my clients off -- and then wait for a response from them as they see their very own listing show up in days -- even with the new Google places changes!
(And when their phone starts a ringin,' sure enough, they always ask, "What other services do you have?" That's where the B-I-G money is !!!!!!!)
Heck, I'll even share with you a fail-proof marketing message I use to get your first set of clients -- even if you're unfamiliar with, or not sure you can deliver the goods by using Google Places.
Armed with the information in this valuable handbook, it allows you to operate from a position of strength and credibility.
The handbook could easily be sold separately on its own, but I know it'll boost your confidence -- especially if you're just starting out.  So I want to provide you with every advantage possible that'll help make you a successful offline marketer.
And, if you act today, you won't have to pay $67.00
Special discount offer here


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